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David Hastings Marine Science

David Hastings is an expert in marine science and used to teach at a college. His research is mostly about how climate changes affect the ocean. He also studies the past climate. He is a co-PI on the C-IMAGE project and recently went to China to present his findings in Hong Kong and Xiamen.

Pollution of the environment is becoming a bigger problem that threatens the oceans and animals in them. Scientists have to take a stand on the issue because of this. Hastings noticed billions of tiny pieces of plastic floating in the water when he was taking plankton samples. So his group decided to do a study to find out how common this problem was.

They found evidence of four billion tiny pieces of plastic in Tampa Bay. He also worries how ocean acidification, a dangerous environmental problem that threatens the oceans, will affect them. Every year, the effects of ocean acidification become more and more clear. So he has promised himself to protect the marine environment of the world.